Infrastructure funding is the central issue on Capitol Hill right now, with the President and Congress negotiating to determine federal investment lev...View Details

ACEC welcomes Erin McLaughlin for a Private Markets Update for May, 2021.

On today's update, we welcome Dan Hilton from the advocacy team onto the program to talk about ACEC's international work with FIDIC and the new Memora...View Details

Today on the Engineering Influence podcast, we’re going to talk about Duty to Defend. That might seem like a dry topic, but it can have a catastrophic...View Details

On the Engineering Influence podcast, sponsored by the ACEC Life/Health Trust, ACEC Illinois Executive Director Kevin Artl discusses how his Member Or...View Details

The podcast welcomed Beth Bauer, the Executive Director of ACEC Indiana and the newly appointed president of NAECE, which represents our state Executi...View Details

Steve Hall joins us to wrap up the recent virtual ACEC Annual Convention and Legislative Summit and discusses the outlook on infrastructure in Congres...View Details

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of strain on firms and their employees. With everyone working remotely, the ties that bind the firm together can s...View Details

In today’s digital world, data is everywhere. Many engineering firms utilize data in their business planning, but knowing what data is available, what...View Details

Matt Reiffer joined the podcast to discuss action on VMT, NEPA and a Senate water bill.  Plus, we announce that Secretary Buttigieg will appear at the...View Details

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